Royal Family Kids 25th Anniversary

When I was 18 I signed up to be a counselor for a one week summer camp my church was hosting for kids in the foster care system. The camp was unique because of the delicate situation the children are often in being moved around and lacking much sense of consistency in their lives. Not always but very often the foster care system is a brutal cycle for the children living in it. The aim of the camp was to spend that week pouring into the kids and sharing the love of Christ with them. It was a beautiful and impactful week which I still remember vividly.

The non-profit that organizes and designs these camps is called Royal Family Kids. They are based in Southern California but support camps all over the nation. The stories that come back from kids who have gone to camp are incredible. One week at camp can change a child’s life forever. It sounds like an over statement but is anything but that. Numerous former campers can testify to the impact this week makes on their lives. Samantha’s story is a particularly powerful one. The feature film “Camp” was also inspired by Royal Family.

All of this goes to say that we were super excited to bring The Photobooth Machine to their 25th anniversary banquet for our first event ever. It won’t always be the case that our values align so nicely with our clients but it’s a great bonus to be apart of something we support in our personal lives.

Here’s a few photos of the wonderful faces behind this organization that has impacted thousands of lives for the glory of God.


The wonderful staff at Royal Family Kids.


The camp color is purple which symbolizes royalty. The children are taught and showed that they are accepted into the royal kingdom of God.


For more info on Royal Family Kids you can visit their website at: